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We’ve Got Reading Magic for You

We’ve Got Reading Magic!

Books are a uniquely portable magic for you

Bold claim, I know. Reading is magic, as long as you find the right book. That’s what this site is all about, and therein hangs a tale.

Whose Idea Was This?

I’m Carol Van Natta, USA TODAY bestselling science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal romance author, but long before I was any of those, I was—and still am—a voracious reader. PNR Magic is the result of my frustration in finding books I like to read.

Fortunately for us PNR fans, there are a million books available in our genre. But it’s a two-edged sword. That’s a lot of descriptions to read through to find the stories that spark your interest. And more are coming out each week. What if there were a way to just find the subgenre, trope, pairing, and/or heat level you’re in the mood for?

That’s the goal of PNR Magic: to help you find your next great paranormal romance read. The site is free for readers, and free for authors to submit books. We’ll also feature guest blog posts by authors and reviewers, news, surveys, and more.

The strength of the site is the advanced search, where you can choose from dozens of options to help you find books you like.

About the Books

PNR Magic features indie and traditionally published stories, from short stories to novellas to epic novels, plus anthologies, collections, and more. While we curate the listings for quality, we don’t generally exclude books for content. One reader’s did-not-finish is another reader’s delight. Readers should be able to read what they want to read; our goal is to help them find those stories.

PNR Magic doesn’t sell books, but we point you to where you can buy the books from major booksellers and/or the author’s website. We receive a tiny bit of affiliate income from some booksellers when you click links and buy from their websites. Our long-term goal is to build both a resource and a community for paranormal romance lovers.

Here’s wishing you stories to take you out of this world, or put a little magic back into yours.