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Paranormal romance magical bookParanormal Romance Magic (PNR Magic) helps readers find their next great paranormal romance read. If you write paranormal romances, listing your books at PNR Magic will help you find new readers and superfans.

Paranormal romance is a popular genre with lots of flavors. Unfortunately, booksellers barely seem to recognize this, and only give authors a few categories and keywords to help readers find books. Readers have to click through a lot of listings, and get frustrated trying to find books that spark their interest. Not to mention, readers also have to wade through a bunch of sponsored listings that have nothing to do with their quest for the perfect book. (No, a book about paranormal ghost investigators is not the same as a paranormal romance!)

PNR Magic is a free place to list your books, but with an important difference: Category tags. Lots of them. As many as are appropriate for your story.

Does your standalone book feature witches, shifters, a motorcycle club, and second-chance romance, and an erotic heat level? Select those tags. Is your series set in Victorian times and feature vampires, shifters, royalty, and a medium heat level? Select those tags. The more appropriate tags you pick, the more likely readers are to find your book.

PNR Magic isn’t a deal site—we don’t list prices at all. We aren’t a review site, either, so no snarky comments, troll armies, or flame wars. While we will curate for quality, we usually won’t curate for content—one reader’s did-not-finish is another reader’s delight. Our goal is to connect readers to the books they want to read, and find new authors to put on their auto-buy lists.

PNR Magic is a professionally designed site that looks good on smart phones (which these days is about 40% of traffic). PNR Magic will actively promote the books on our site via social media and a subscriber newsletter.

Ready to Submit Your Books?

Great! First, a few notes:

  • We only list paranormal romances. See this page for definitions before you submit.
  • If you’re new to the site, you’ll need to submit both an author profile and your book(s). We’ll need a separate profile for each pen name and each book.
  • Books are listed at our discretion; we reserve the right to edit blurbs and tags as appropriate.
  • Sorry, but we won’t include stories with dubious or non-consent.

Once you upload your book details, PNR Magic takes care of all the rest.

👉 Use our Contact form to start the process today.

Additional Opportunities

Want an extra way to connect with readers? PNR Magic offers guest-post slots for authors to write a reader-centric guest posts. See this page for details.

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