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Write a Guest Blog Post for PNR Magic

Get Published Here!

Paranormal romance magical bookWe’d love to have you write a reader-centric blog post for PNR Magic. This is an extra opportunity for our authors to connect with readers, so you’ll need an author listing and at least one book on our site. If you don’t, that’s easy to fix — see the For Authors page.

Here are some topic suggestions, or feel free to propose one of your own:

  • Character Interview
  • Five Unexpected Things About…
  • Why I Wrote {Title}
  • The Secret History of {Subject}
  • Five Top Book Recommendations
  • Welcome to My World

We ask that your post is at least 300 words but no more than 900 words long. You won’t need to include social media links, website URLs, etc. because we’ll link to your author page on PNRMagic, which has all that useful information. Similarly, you won’t need to include book blurbs because we’ll link them to your book’s listing on our site.

We love images! Square, tall, or wide are fine, but please make them at least 200dpi and at least 400px wide and 400px tall. Make sure to include credit for them in right on the image or in the text. Examples:

Photo of a sidewalk with a chalk drawing of a rainbow flag


Image by Aisan Nourbash at and licensed by Carol Van Natta

We love story excerpts or teasers, but please keep them to under 200 words. We also ask that it not be a sex scene—not all readers like to be surprised by unexpected heat.

We’ll promote it via social media, and hope you will, too. Furthermore, we encourage readers to subscribe to the blog, meaning those subscribers will receive your blog post via email.

Use the Contact Us form to tell us your idea for a blog post and your preferred publication date range. We’ll let you know what dates are available in your range.

P.S. We’re fine with you cross-posting your guest post on your own website, provided you wait at least 30 days to do so and as long as you link back to the original post on our site, e.g., “Originally published on”